Axis of Katakolo - Ancient Olympia

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Kaiafas Lake-Thermal Springs

Kaiafas Thermal Springs P.C. 27054
26930 31939

Archaeological Museum of Olympia

Ancient Olympia P.C. 27065
2624022742 / 2624023753

Oak Forest of Foloi

Foloi of Ancient Olympia, P.C. 27066

Elis: The cradle of the Olympic Games

Archeological Site of Ancient Elis, P.C. 27200
2622041501 - Museum of Elis

Archaeological Site of the Temple of Apollo Epicurius

Figalia of Zacharo, P.C. 27061
2626022275 / 2624023753

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Ancient Olympia P.C. 27065
2624022742 / 2624023753

Agios Andreas Beach - Ancient Fia

Agios Andreas of Katakolo, P.C. 27067

Katakolo Settlement

Katakolo of Pyrgos, P.C. 27067

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